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Creative Schemes of Work

Unexpected Places is pleased to offer three Creative Schemes of Work for KS1, KS2, and KS3 & 4, that will invite your students to explore and develop their skills in performance, confidence, self-expression, and teamwork.


Each Scheme of Work consists of a lesson plan for a creative, fun and theatrical learning experience, suitable for each key stage. Your chosen Scheme of Work will include:


  • A Teacher Booklet, which provides:

    • Clear instructions and aims for each section of the lesson.

    • Top Tips for your students and yourself when being creative.

    • Suggested topics of discussions to engage in with your students.

    • Reference to how and when to use the additional resources provided.

  • Teacher Resources

  • Student Resources

  • Activity Videos

    • These have been created by the staff at Unexpected Places’ youth theatre organisation: Light UP. The videos provide creative activities for your students, and are clearly referenced in your Teacher Booklet.


Unexpected Places would love to see your students’ finished performances. If you would like to, please record them and share them with us, then we can send back our support and congratulations! Share any performance recordings with


Key Stage One


Your students will explore becoming storytellers, inspired by the fairytale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. By working together, they will have lots of fun through developing characters, movement, and voice, ending up with a creative performance of the story to share with their friends. There will be plenty of chances to be silly, adventurous, and to get their imagination thinking caps on!


Key Stage Two

Your students will be challenged to create an original performance, inspired by the fairytale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Instead of just using the traditional story, however, they will devise a brand new version where the worst possible thing happens next. They will have the opportunity to explore their script writing skills, teamwork skills, plus their imagination skills - the sky’s the limit!


Key Stages Three and Four


Your students will devise their own story, inspired by the fairytale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, to be performed in different theatrical genres, from horror to romance. Perfect for Drama or English lessons, this theatrical learning experience will develop your students' understanding of story structures, literary genres, and creative adaptations, all the while in a fun and imaginative environment.

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