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Based on Charles Dickens’ ominous short story, The Signalman is haunted by a chilling apparition whose presence always precedes catastrophe.

Set in a sleepy English town in the 1860s, the isolated and bewildered Signalman is plagued by visions of a spectre, which is always followed by tragic deaths on the train line he is responsible for. A ghost, a phantom bell that no one else can hear, and a mysterious new visitor lead to three days of intrigue and terror, all in the darkness of the train tunnel.


Taking the audience on an audio journey with glimpses of the story, the sound of a train whistle has never brought so much tension. With twists and turns along the way, your senses will be on edge as the world of the Signalman is brought to life all around you.

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"Very tense, kept me on the edge of my seat. Fabulous!"


"Brilliant, totally original and unexpected."


"Truly horrifyingly brilliant!"

"A must see! Right from the start it draws you in, captivates your imagination, engages all of your emotions."

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