Outsourcing Memory

“What!? There was a time before mobiles, Facebook - even the internet? How did anyone get anything done?"


As our relationship with technology changes with each new gadget, phone or app that is released, our relationships with each other are changing too. But what do these inventions really say about us? How are they defining us?


This performance has been created in response to the BAS8 exhibition about our ever growing reliance on technology, how communication is changing, and how we will be remembered in the museums of the future.


Outsourcing Memory has been commissioned as part of the British Art Show 8, running from 9th October - 15th January across three locations in the City:  John Hansard Gallery, City Art Gallery and Bargate Monument.


Director: Rosanna Sloan

Devised: By the Company

Cast: Julian Ceaser, Jane Hodgson, Jack Gill, Rosanna Sloan

Performed at ...


City Gallery

Saturday 14th January


Thank you to our funders