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From Scraps

Join Jack and Maurice as they embark on an adventure that takes the audience to unexpected places. Come, pick up our puppets, step into our world and make it yours.

Maggie is searching through her Grandpa’s workshop when she stumbles across Jack, a puppet who springs to life with her touch. But Jack is no ordinary puppet; he is a puppet who knows he’s a puppet. Before the adventure can begin, Maggie and Jack are missing one important thing… Maurice!

As they attempt to rescue him from the dusty clutches of a battered suitcase, Maggie takes a trip down memory lane and back into her Grandpa’s past to discover that Maurice is not the only thing they’ve left behind.

From Scraps can be performed in a traditional theatre space, or in a space that’s just a little more unexpected.

Directed & Produced by: Rosanna Sloan
Performers/Puppeteers: Corrinne Curtis & Jessica Kay & Peter Morton
Puppet Design: Jessica Kay & Peter Morton
Music Composition: James Boston

Performed at ...

Prague Fringe Festival

June 2014

Bristol Festival of Puppetry



Phoenix Arts Centre,Leicester

LPAC, Lincoln


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